We are very proud to support the below listed projects redirecting our donations to them.

If you want to help the World Peace 2035 NPO to continue supporting these projects, make a donation now and help us to achieve World Peace by 2035!

There are an estimated 10 million NGOs around the world performing the wonderful work of angels.

They all deserve our support but for practical reasons we had to focus on a few active in the four domains we want to support.

Peace projects supported by the World Peace 2035 NPO

The most vulnerable and most innocent victims of war are very often women and children.
We chose these two projects because they have a solid track record related to children and women in war.

Project name About the project
Women for Women Visit the website »
Child Soldiers Visit the website »

Children projects supported by the World Peace 2035 NPO

Children are our future. They deserve a peaceful and sustainable world as well as a good education both for boys and girls alike, everywhere.
We support the Malala fund started by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Malala Yousafzai, because of her focus on the education for girls.
Save the Children has led global action on children's rights for more than 90 years!

Project name About the project
Malala Fund Visit the website »
Save the Children Visit the website »

Poverty projects supported by the World Peace 2035 NPO

Poverty very often is the result of war and can be a reason for war.
In order to achieve and maintain World Peace we need to eradicate severe poverty worldwide.
Both projects have long and proven track records where it matters.

Project name About the project
BRAC Visit the website »
The Hunger Project Visit the website »

Environment projects supported by the World Peace 2035 NPO

Without a healthy planet there is no future for humankind.
We see a sustainable planet as the siamese twin of World Peace.
The most representative parts of a healthy environment are the oceans and the trees. Hence our choice of the two projects below.

Project name About the project
4Ocean Visit the website »
WeForest Visit the website »

Your donation will be equally distributed between the two projects of each domain.

We apply the 20-80 rule so that 20% of total donation will serve to fund the non-profit organization (NPO) World Peace 2035. The other 80% will be distributed to the projects as per your instructions.