WP2035 additional objectives

Strongly increase women's participation in peace activities:

by 2025 have at least 33% and by 2035 at least 50% of all stakeholders in the peace process be women, up from current +/- 15%. War remains an almost exclusively male activity, so does peace. We must change this.

Stabilize, reduce and eliminate all Weapons of Mass Destruction:

first limit the countries having nuclear weapons to the current 9 countries and freeze the number of nuclear arms to the current number; enforce a ban on all expansion and/or modernization or development of additional/new nuclear weapons, by 2030 half the number off existing nuclear weapons, by 2050 completely eliminate all nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction

Freeze military budgets worldwide:

by 2035 freeze the military budgets of all countries worldwide to a maximum of 1.5% of their annual GDP or a maximum amount of 250 billion US$ for any country, whichever is achieved first. The military industrial complex often uses the argument that they create good employment (be it for a system that only has destruction as its objective). Studies have shown that for the same amount of money, 150 – 200% more of other and constructive jobs can be created in sectors such as healthcare and education. The current global annual military expenditure of about 2 trillion US$ (a 2 followed by 12 zeros) therefore represents a huge waste of resources which could be used much more productively and effectively to solve many other challenges of the world (extreme poverty, a sustainable world, climate change, education, affordable and effective healthcare for everyone everywhere ...)

Impose a global arms sales and purchase tax:

all national governments to levy 2 % sales + 2% purchase tax on all arms sales and purchasing globally : these sales + puchase funds to be exclusively used as additional funding for UN Conflict Resolution and Prevention and Peace keeping operations.

Within the UN Create the World Peace Organization (WPO):

create a WPO organisation within the UN( similar to WHO, FAO)  with the specific mission to create WP by 2035 and maintain it thereafter (including global peace education programs for all schools in the world: work closely with other UN divisions such as UNICEF and others)