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We are continuously looking for highly motivated Promoters who see it as their mission and purpose to promote and help us realise World Peace by 2035.

How to become a Peace Promoter

Our passionate Peace Promoters spread the World Peace 2035 idea and contribute with their skills (technical, managerial and/or financial), their time and dedication to help our worldwide community of Peace grow.

To apply, please click on the "apply now" button below and fill in the form that will pop-up. If your profile meets the requirements of our promoters, our team will contact you.

Tip: while filling in the form, describe yourself, your job and tell us how you would contribute to the cause of World Peace 2035 in your country.

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We take honesty and integrity very seriously.

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Our Promoters

Mr. Ghislain Rodrigue Ateba

From Cameroon, at his educational talk "Youth Peace and Cultural Diversity", 19 Sep 2018

Mr. Baryalai Jalalzai

From Afghanistan

Mr. Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze

From Burundi

Mr. Badis Karboul

From Tunis

Ms. Lalita Purbhoo-Junggee

From Mauritius