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We believe that World Peace can be achieved by 2035. In that peaceful world, large scale armed violence within and between countries is no longer existent or acceptable as a way to solve conflicts.


We follow the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from the United Nations as a guiding document. We welcome all people irrespective of nationality, religious beliefs, ethnical background, gender, sexual orientation or abilities as long as they suppport and live by the values of non-violence (physical, verbal and written), respect, tolerance and fact-based decision making.


Our mission is threefold:
1) To get World Peace recognized as a specific goal with a due date of 2035 by the UN
2) Creating a global "World Peace 2035 Alliance" with all peace organizations of the world and achieve additional peace goals (give link to the additional objectives)
3) Promote humanity's mission of creating a peaceful and sustainable world for everybody, everywhere


Gert Olefs is the Founder

Gert Olefs was born and raised in Brussels, the capital of Belgium and of the European Union. He grew up in the shadows of the European Institutions there.

War and peace have fascinated him since his early boyhood. After obtaining a Masters' degree in Bioscience Engineering in 1984 and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration he started a 20 year corporate career. He traveled to all continents of the world and lived in Asia and the Middle-East from 1990 - 2003. Just before the invasion of Iraq early 2003 he returned to Belgium from Saudi Arabia. He then started his own HR consulting company and became a coach. The next 20 years he will also dedicate himself to help the world achieve World Peace by 2035.

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Advisory Board

Mark Eyskens

Former Belgian Minister of State and Professor Emeritus at the KUL

Prof Ria Laenen

Professor in Russian Politics and International Relations at the KUL

Yvan Dejaegher

Non-profit Specialist

Alain Wouters

Expert scenario planning, strategy and projects with governments

Key People

Luci Nascimento Global coordination E-mail
Stefan Olefs Africa contact person and member of the Board of Directors E-mail
Paulo Trevisani Brazil contact person E-mail
Layla Olefs General Support E-mail
Anne Blum Member of the Board of Directors E-mail

Marketing and Communication Team

Arjan Tinoco Social Media and Communication E-mail
Helena Francio Design and Communication E-mail

"A civic initiative such as World Peace 2035 can only be encouraged

since participation of and initiative by the general population can give an important impulse to achieving World Peace."

— Herman Van Rompuy, Minister of State,President Emeritus European Council, President European Policy Center

Our Manifesto

Peace is neither left nor right, neither black nor white. Peace is neither democracy nor autocracy. Peace is neither liberal nor conservative.

It does not speak a particular language nor is it limited to any one culture, nationality or religion. Peace is universally understood by everyone, everywhere. Peace is one of the most universal wishes for everyone around the world together with good health and happiness. But that is the thing about peace. You do not only wish for it. You make it happen. You make peace. Let’s make World Peace a reality by 2035.

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